Mold Information and FAQs Mold Information and FAQs

Water damage and persistent excess humidity can promote the silent, often undetected growth of surface mold. This mold occurs naturally at innocuous levels in most indoor environments, but it will grow and multiply to potentially-dangerous levels in the prolonged presence of moisture.

An indoor environment which is contaminated with surface black mold growth can contain harmful levels of airborne toxins, allergens, and mold spores. These can cause a range of respiratory problems and exacerbate the symptoms of existing conditions such as allergies and asthma. In addition to the health concerns, surface mold growth also causes costly damage to walls, carpets, drapes, clothing, and other moisture-absorbing materials.

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Black Mold Remediation is Not a "Do it Yourself" Project

Mold is capable of traveling through airborne spores to other parts of affected homes and businesses via air ducts and HVAC systems. For this reason, it can be a very challenging to eradicate all sources of black mold contamination inside a building, especially since harmful mold growth can be difficult to locate or identify. It is important to bring in a professional mold testing and mold remediation specialist to analyze the indoor environment, pinpoint the sources of mold growth, and proceed with proven mold remediation techniques.

Also, during black mold remediation projects, airborne mold counts can skyrocket to as much as 10 to 1,000 times higher than normal levels, which will cause a range of health issues if the proper precautions are not taken. This means that it is necessary to rely on a qualified, experienced professional mold remediation contractor to identify all sources of black mold growth and eradicate them thoroughly and safely, using the appropriate safety precautions.

Trying to eliminate an indoor mold infestation on your own can lead to incomplete removal, and any remaining sources mold growth can reinfect your home or business, resulting in further health issues and property damage. The environmental and mold experts at Ahold of Mold remove the guesswork from any mold remediation project, helping you breathe easy.