Ahold of Mold Testimonials Ahold of Mold Testimonials

In over 20 years of service, Ahold of Mold has delivered experienced indoor environmental testing, evaluation, mold remediation, water damage repair, and much more. Below are comments and testimonials from just a few of the many customers we have served since 1994.

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Just ANOTHER Satisfied Customer….

I appreciate the report, this is piece of mind for me as the landlord. I was some what panicked when my tenant was unhappy and started complaining saying he was getting sick from the property.
I have owned multiple properties and deal with a lot of contractors and services.  Your team from the first call to this email was very professional.  The conversations on the phone were straight forward and honest.  The ability to come out quickly and get the problem taken care of in a timely fashion was appreciated.  The employee sent to the house was on time, friendly and polite.  My time is important to me, so good service is appreciated.  I just wanted to let you know I was impressed.
Spangler, C Buffalo NY

Attic Mold Remediation

The crew at Ahold of Mold was recommended by a third party assessment firm to clean up and remediate mold we had in our attic. They were affordable and very friendly answering all of our questions and preforming the job in a timely manner allowing us to close on the sale of our home "more importantly offering a transferable warranty that was very pleasing to the 3rd party purchaser." Highly Recommended- Edmunds, P. Amherst NY

Thank You for the Remediation

Remediation executed @ 8045 County Rd. East Amherst, NY--We were constantly informed of progress, & or any challenges !  We appreciate your fine customer relation service and would highly recommend your company. Sincerely, Joe & May Weber

Tony Tarasevich

Checked attic for mold. Took samples and sent to professional test to laboratory. Got my results in less then 24 hours. This is the company you can trust. Very professional and polite experts who can provide best service. Very satisfied customer and would definitely use this company in the future. Comments: Called them Thursday and set appointment for Monday at 1pm. Mold expert called me to let me know he will be few min late. Showed up 1:07pm. To me it showed that this guys want to take care of their clients in the best way. I have nothing negative to say. Thumbs up Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes

Outstanding Job / William F. Coxon III

I contacted A Hold of Mold Environmental concerning suspected mold issues in our home. I am extremely allergic to mold and I was getting some health reactions when at our home. We wanted to ensure that the issue was not mold and if it was, that we could have it mitigated in a professional manner. They started their process of analysis by listening to our description of the issue we had. They arrived at our home and conducted a thorough evaluation assessment of the house inside and out for some indication of mold growth. Based on their assessments and our description, they set up a plan to take specific readings from certain areas in and around the house to exhaust all avenues of indicators where mold issues could be identified. The analysis samples taken were sent to an independent lab for evaluation to be identified. The assessment/evaluation, including lab report findings, from start to finish took no longer than one day. Based on the initial mold assessment by A Hold of Mold Environmental we were told there were no major issues that would require us to vacate the premises. When the independent lab analysis was complete, A Hold of Mold sent us the lab results with the laboratory URL so we could get the laboratory results directly via the independent link as well. Based on the lab report and recommendation by A Hold of Mold we hired an independent contractor to clean our duct work also. We were and have been, exceedingly impressed and satisfied with the professionalism, the expertise, and the personal conduct in which this entire project was executed from start to finish. They are now my go to people when I have any questions about mold analysis & remediation protocol. I recommend them with a 5 star rating. William F. Coxon III

Better Safe Than Sorry

“I want to thank Ahold of Mold for a job "well done." They examined a possible mold issue in a timely fashion.  They determined there was no mold and issued a report explaining all possible contaminants. I was very pleased that since there was no issue, there was no unnecessary remediation. Ahold of Mold definitely demonstrated their expertise and honesty, two characteristics of a reputable business.” -CRC  

Alice L. Fish

After a winter of being away in Florida we came home to a burst water line that had flooded our home which caused secondary mold damage throughout our home. We called our insurance company and they had referred us to Ahold of Mold Environmental. After meeting with Mr. Bridges and his crew we decided to proceed with the restoration of our home. We are so pleased with the results, even old photos were restored! I cant speak highly enough about the company and the employees. Our house is now completely restored to its original condition. We will never forget the kindness, quick and professional response we received.

Dr. Barbara Brinson

I was very pleased with the work that Britt and his team did on my basement. He explained about mold and the damage it can do, as well as the process they would be doing, so I felt prepared for what would happen. They arrived promptly, and did the job well, and in record time. Britt’s the one to call if you have a mold problem. I feel like my house is cleaner and safe now that I have gone through this process.

Dr. Joe Panebianco

We contracted with Mr. Bridges and his Ahold of Mold Environmental Co. to remediate two storage units that housed all of our belongings. The project is completed and we are very satisfied with the excellent result. Mr. Bridges was highly professional and was extremely helpful in explaining all the procedures that had to be completed. Mr. Bridges was highly recommended to us and we also are highly recommending Ahold of Mold Environmental.

John William Lampard, MBA Managing Director

I was a mess, first time we talked. I had almost gone to the ER with the first asthma attack in 20 years. I was sleeping 11 hours a night and treating various flu symptoms, runny nose, headache, cough, and dry eyes. The day after A Hold of Mold Environmental came in, I felt 10 years younger. My asthma, flu, and sleeping disorder were gone. I’m now sleeping 4 hours less a night, working 2 extra hours, and I can run 5 miles again without effort!