Buffalo NY Mold Inspection and Removal Buffalo NY Mold Inspection and Removal

Ahold Of Mold is proud to provide water damage restoration, black mold removal, mold inspection and testing, mildew removal, water cleanup, and much more to Buffalo NY and its surrounding areas! This includes serving the black mold inspection and remediation needs of residents in Williamsville NY, Amherst NY, Allentown NY, Sloan NY, and throughout Erie County NY.

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Buffalo NY Water Damage Restoration and Water Damage Cleanup

Ahold of Mold has the experience needed to handle Buffalo NY water damage cleanup with the most up-to-date technology and drying equipment for any type of flooding and water damage, serving both commercial and residential Buffalo NY water damage customers.

Since 1994, Ahold of Mold Environmental in Buffalo NY has been providing 24-hour emergency water extraction services to remove the unwanted water and contaminants as quickly as possible to minimize secondary mold damage. Ahold Of Mold in Buffalo NY has helped mitigate flooded businesses and homes with a core group of experts from mitigation technicians to environmental hygienists.

Ahold of Mold has been involved in the clean-up efforts for many water damage and flood scenarios throughout the US. One of the largest was Hurricane Fran in 1996, when hundreds of homes sustained serious water damage and secondary damage resulting in mold and mildew. The two most recent storms have included the Gowanda and Silver Creek floods and the 2006 “October Storm” in WNY. We assisted homeowners and businesses in cleaning up and restoring their flooded and moldy basements.

We use technology such as FLIR imaging, moisture content assessments, and specialty drying equipment to make sure our water damage cleanup efforts are done to perfection. Ahold of Mold Environmental will not only dry your structure, but we will also ensure that your home or office is left in an environmentally friendly condition.