Black Mold Removal Buffalo NY, Erie PA

Black mold removal? Dont be fooled not all black mold is toxic! Too many companies now days are using the new four letter word MOLD as a scare tactic. Stachybotrys is a black mold that is toxic but beware not all black “mold / mildew” in appearance is considered to be black toxic mold you could be dealing with a simple harmless mildew. Black mold tends to grow in very wet areas and only on hygroscopic “ability to absorb” organic material. Color alone is not always a reliable indicator of the species of mold. Proper identification should be done by a microbiologist. Mold growth found on cellulose-based substrates or materials where moisture levels are high (90 percent or greater) is often Stachybotrys chartarum and is linked with sick building syndrome. “Black Mold,” also known as “Toxic Black Mold,” properly refers to S. chartarum. This species commonly is found indoors on wet materials containing cellulose, such as wallboard (drywall), jute, wicker, straw baskets, and other paper materials. S. chartarum does NOT grow on plastic, vinyl, concrete, glass, ceramic tile, or metals. A variety of other mold species, such as Penicillium or Aspergillus, do. In places with stagnant air, such as basements, molds can produce a strong musty odor.

Black Toxic Mold “Stachybotrys” although it is very dangerous can be removed quite simply by trained professionals to avoid cross contamination into unaffected areas of the property. So keep in mind if it is black it is not always TOXIC. Ahold of Mold Environmental has been practicing and performing mold remediation and assessments for 20 years. We continue to exceed in the industry by keeping our family owned company knowledgeable through continuing education and years of experience. You our customer is our number one reason for our continued success on our 20 year anniversary.

Britt Andrew Bridges
Senior Advisor of Environmental Hygiene
Ahold Of Mold Environmental

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