Mold Damaged Cargo Remediation

Ahold of Mold Environmental is the only company in the US that specializes in mold damaged cargo freight. Since 1994 we have been performing mold remediation “mold removal” and helping implement mold resistant shipping and packaging methods for the shipping industry. Ahold of Mold Environmental has what it takes to remediate most all mold damaged cargo content, although not all mold damaged content is always salvageable the majority of content we assess is. Ahold of Mold Environmental is ready and able to pick up your shipment any where in the United States and have it delivered to our warehouse in NY State where the damaged cargo is offloaded to a containment chamber where it is then cleaned of all mold and staged in a clean room, temperature controlled environment where it is then repackaged in mold resistant containers and ready for delivery or pickup in a timely manner. Ahold of Mold Environmental has worked with numerous company’s from moldy home decor to mold damaged pharmaceutical and other mold damaged freight content. Ahold of Mold Environmental will bill the insurance company direct “if covered” and help assist in the cause of origin contributing to the mold. Ahold of Mold Environmental’s Fast Response Team is standing by to help assist you with most all mold damaged content.

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